Kitchen Duct Cleaning

The majority of catering establishments feature a canopy extraction system within the kitchen to control the buildup of heat, steam and grease emissions in the cooking area. The filters in the canopy act as a good "first line of defence" against grease deposition but still allow the smaller particles to pass into the extract duct work system. These deposits will accumulate over time and can pose hygiene and fire risks. Whilst the canopies and filters are easily accessible for regular cleaning by catering staff, the duct work is normally hidden above a ceiling and can pass through numerous walls and floors before reaching the discharge point. The effects of grease build up within the kitchen's extraction system may also affect the performance of the system such as exerting unnecessary pressure on the fan (making it more likely to fail) and limiting the amount of air that it can extract. This grease filled air, can then circulate within the kitchen, resulting in an unsafe, poorly ventilated kitchen with poor indoor air quality. Apart from the hygiene and safety considerations, failure to regularly clean Kitchen Extraction Systems can also lead to potential legal implications such as the invalidation of insurance policies and potential prosecution due to negligence. All our technicians have been trained at the National Duct Cleaning Academy (UK) and are highly skilled in cleaning to the British and European TR19 Standards. Once cleaning is complete we provide a full report in compliance with TR19 standards including photographs and certification to verify compliance with Health & Safety obligations and Insurance requirements.

How We Do IT

At Zenith Advanced Cleaning Solutions we employ the innovative Tegras Cleaning Concept, an all in one, integrated cleaning solution for kitchen Extraction Systems. Simply put, we offer a safer, cleaner and more efficient way to clean Kitchen Extraction Systems. We specialize in cleaning entire Kitchen Extraction Systems including the exhaust hood, duct work (all shapes and sizes), exhaust fan, fire suppression systems, filters and also ecology units in three steps:
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
We use advanced foam injection technology combined with mechanical brushing which makes it possible to clean some systems that were previously inaccessible. The concept is particularly suited to duct risers that require specialist rope access techniques or mobile elevated work platforms, as well as canopies. The concept combines hot foam containing powerful degreasing agents, injected into the duct work or canopy under pressure, then brushed into the grease, then left for a short time to activate and emulsify the grease, which is then rinsed off.


Ecoseal is a specifically developed and patented waterproof sealant that is also non-flammable and exclusive to Zenith Advanced Cleaning Solutions in the UAE. It is highly recommended that once the Kitchen Extraction System has been fully cleaned by Zenith, to seal the system using Ecoseal making it waterproof, non-flammable and to prevent any leakages of grease from the joints of the duct work. Additional benefits of Ecoseal include the greater efficiency and ease of cleaning and maintaining of duct work in the future as well as increasing the lifespan of your duct work as less aggressive chemicals is needed to clean the duct once Ecoseal is applied. When dry, Ecoseal is elastic, waterproof, UV and oil resistant and can therefore be used in locations with a high relative humidity and locations which are affected by weather.

How we do it

The complete sealing of ducts to ensure the duct becomes non-flammable and waterproof is done in three steps:
  • 1 Complete cleaning of ducts using the Tegras cleaning concept
  • 2 The application of Ecoseal coating agent to the ducting
  • 3 Final testing and inspection
The Kitchen Extraction System is first cleaned thoroughly and then treated with Ecoseal  - an environmentally friendly and non-flammable coating / impregnating agent which bonds to the surface. Once the coating has hardened, the contamination is contained without any harmful residues being discharged into the system. The risk of fire is then eliminated and the duct is as good as watertight. Once dry, the duct will be inspected and tested to ensure the duct is fully sealed and no leaks exist. If you do not wish to seal the entire duct then we are also able to provide services to seal any individual leaks coming from the system or the duct joints.